About Us

We have been running this centre in Mumbai for last 10 years, during which the centre has diagnosed and treated about 20,000 cases of various ano rectal patients. About 1500 patients have been treated by surgical or para surgical procedures, emphasizing principles of Ayurveda as well as modern surgery.
The institute also takes pride in treating more than 150 cases of complex / recurrent , complete or partial horseshoe fistula successfully with an incontinence rate of 0% ( with follow up not less than 5 years). These types of fistulae are treated by a special combination method.
Ksharsootra (medicated setone) therapy is practiced in India since times immemorial. Modified and revived by the late Dr. P. J. Deshpande. The Ksharsootra therapy is a unique treatment of Ayurveda gaining popularity globally.
Special types of medicated setone are used in this procedure Found to be effective in any ano rectal conditions, it has many advantages in the treatment of Anal fistulae.
The centre has comprehensive facilities for treating various Ano-rectal diseases like,

• Abscess

• Anal itching - Pruritus Ani

• Fistula in Ano

• Anal Stenosis

• Rectoveginal Fistula

• Ano Rectal Bleeding

• Fissure in Ano


• Hemorrhoids (Piles)

• Polyps Rectum

• Thrombosed Hemorrhoids - Anal Hematoma

• Rectal Prolapse

• U colitis & Chrons diseases

• Anal Discharge

• Constipation

• Anal Cryptitis & Papilitis

• Pilionidle Sinus

• Ano Rectal Cancer

• Condyloma anal


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